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Electric kiln stoneware-firing

These are some of the pieces from my latest electric kiln stoneware-firing. They are older family pieces, which I've kept in the bisque-fired state, and now, with the fuel price rises looming, I thought it was a good time to get them in a finished state.

The electric kiln gives a lighter, and less-prone to variation finish than a reduced gas-firing. This makes it good for the skin tones.

Who knows? This may be the future of ceramic firing, but I will miss the rich effects of reduced gas firings, if gas becomes unavailable in the future. You can't have it all, can you..!

'Three Dancers' 1986-1988

"Merboy holding tail" 1990

'Girl with Mask' 1996

'Merboy in Nautilus shell' 1988

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