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Graham has had the pleasure of creating countless commissions, spanning all manner of topics; this continues to prove some of his most rewarding work.
He prefers to work from real life subjects in his workshop in Oxfordshire to capture the personality and energy of the sitter. He can work remotely from photos and video to help inform a piece. 

A selection of previous commissions can be viewed below, with further examples in our Archive. Works from his personal collection are marked as 'Enquiry Only' in our online showroom.
It is difficult to give a price on a commission until it is made but price is normally agreed ahead of making and reflected in the time and finish of each model. 
Get in touch to register your interest or to discuss your own original commission.

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Graham Piggott portrait commission
Graham Piggott Alpaca commission
Commissions Gallery
Wind in the Willows Mole Kings Arms
Dog and Ball Sculpture
Dog and Ball Sculpture
Jacob Marley
Jacob Marley Sculpture
NASA Astronaut Sculpture
NASA Astronaut Sculpture
Toad and Ratty Car Sculpture
Toad and Ratty Sculpture
Girl  Sculpture
Blacksmith Sculpture
Marriage Commemoration Sculpture
Marriage Commemoration Sculpture
Brother and Sister Sculpture
Sister Sculpture
Dentist and Gremlin Sculpture
Dentist and Gremlin Sculpture
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