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A thank you and don't miss the Curious Crafts documentary!

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

We have been absolutely delighted with the response to our new website this first week since launching. After having our physical shop closed to the public for so long, It has been lovely to hear from friends old and new, whilst there has been website visitors from all around the world!

For those that have not found the other pages on our site, you will find wonderful paintings by Graham, press features from time gone by and more.

Some of you have been enjoying the fifty minute Curious Crafts documentary on our Press page, be sure not to miss it.

Naturally, the website shop is a first port of call, with so much work available it can be a bit overwhelming! Use of the categories found on the home page and in the shop, along with the filters, help to narrow your selection to the works of most interest.

We look forward to updating you all on Graham's latest firing next week, subscribe to our 'occasional updates' to make sure you don't miss the latest works using our News page or contact forms.

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